Meet Yeremi Akpan, pain-led content strategist for B2B SaaS companies.

Why pain-led content?

You created your SaaS product because you saw the pain in the market and knew you could resolve it. So it is safe to describe your product as pain-led. 

Now we agree on that, time to consider a little problem.

Or not so little…

When starting a SaaS business, we all know that we need to find pain people will pay money to solve and create a solution for that pain. Curiously, when we have to create content to market our SaaS, most founders forget about that native wisdom of pain orientation. They rather create content that either solves no problem for their users (in the name of Top-of-the-Funnel content) or just describes their product’s features. 

The problem with that misstep is that your target audience does not know that you have created this wonderful tool that takes their pain away. 

When they search on Google or express their anxieties to their peers on social media, especially early in their search for a cure, they may not describe your product features as often as they would describe their pain. 

My approach to content marketing starts with understanding your user, the pain that keeps them awake at night, and how your product fits in their search for a cure. 

Melding all this together, I end up with what I created this approach called pain-led content marketing that is a combination of an insane focus on your customer’s pain, the intent that drives their search for a cure and how your product is the final bus stop that makes their pain disappear.

This stuff works. 

Pain ===> Search Intent ===> Solution.

By solving enough problems that are important to your audience, I position you as the category leader and you earn mind share and trust from your target audience. 

Need pain-led, buyer-attracting content?

More Reasons to Work With Me

The SaaS Copy Process


The goal of the initial strategy session is to help me know if I can help you.

I start with understanding why your business exists, and who would mourn were you to go out of business.

I explore your long term content goals and


The contract captures the scope of work we ideated in the overview stage are captured here into a binding contract that will guide the engagement.

Now the boring stuff is out of the way…


I will dig into sales call records, customer chat and support emails to find objections and mine G2 and Captera to surface topics.

Where possible, I will run open-ended customer surveys to uncover conversion-focused topics.


Next, I fill your Content Calendar with high-intent Bottom-of-the-Funnel queries (pain points from research, comparison posts, best product and service lists, alternatives to “X” posts, and pricing-focused content).

This is where the money is. No beating around the bush…

Content Writing

I leverage my proprietary pain-led content methodology to position your product as the solution to the problems your audience is facing.

Working closely with your in-house SMEs, we craft stories that with unique POV that differentiate you from your primary competitors.

Amplification & Distribution

I build distribution into the content writing process by embedding amplifiers in your content.

I will also spread your content to communities where your target audience flocks, ensuring they discover and consume your content.

Need a process-driven content strategy?

SaaS Copy works with ambitious tech startups to enhance their differentiation through content.