Scale Pain-led Content That Attracts a Steady Flow of Buyers for B2B SaaS Companies

My pain-killer methodology prioritizes content that converts leads to customers, not junk traffic!

Acquire Topical Authority

Get content that will differentiate you in your category, solve problems and earn you the mind share of your audience

Grow Targeted Traffic

My content will attract an audience of your ICPs into your pipeline with thoughtful, problem-solving content

Turn Leads to Customers

Content I write will nudge your leads into taking desired conversion actions that add zeros to your bottom line

Need buyer-attracting, handcrafted content?

I use a four-stage framework to guide the content creation process

My B2B content seduces your audience by understanding their pain and positioning your product as the solution. Here’s how…

Research and Positioning

I start with research of sales call logs and support data, and the broader competitive landscape to define a strategic positioning for your product

Identify Your ICPs

Next step is to identify your ICPs, uncovering the psychological, transformational, and emotive journey they are on and how your product fits into their journey

Content Strategy

Here, I conduct keyword research to map your ICPs' problems to keywords with search potential, creating a content calender that covers TOFU, MOFU and BOFU topics

Craft Problem-killer Content

Enriched with deep insights on what really matters to your audience, I craft problem-killer content with the unique POV of your SMEs that drives conversions straight from content

What You Get When You Work With Me

Tired of chasing vanity metrics and ready for customers?

SaaS Copy works with ambitious tech startups to enhance their differentiation through content.