SaaS Copywriting & Conversion Optimization Services

Want a SaaS website that converts more visitors into trial users and paid subscribers?

Are you having a hard time getting subscribers through your user onboarding?

Do visitors to your website bounce off before you can show them why your product makes their life less stressful and more profitable?

Are you spending too much money and time on trial and error content strategies that barely give you results in leads and revenue – the two places where it matters most?

Or maybe you are too close to your product to tell your story in a voice that resonates with your audience?

My clients have one common denominator: they are looking for professional copywriters who offer big picture strategy, know how to increase conversions and audience engagement, and produce ROI.

Get research-based copy that puts a finger on your customers’ pain points

  • Case Studies – Tell compelling user stories of how and why your products/services solved your clients challenges. Showcase your clients success, build credibility, and shorten your sales cycle!
  • White Papers – Grow your leads today using your industry insights!  Inform and persuade targeted decision makers with valuable content in the form of a well written white paper.
  • Website Copy & Landing Pages – Increase engagement and your online conversion rates with informative, interesting and persuasive copy – while growing your search engine rankings with fresh, keyword-rich content.
  • Blog Posts & Articles – Build community, audience, traffic, and leads with engaging, regular, informative, thought provoking and timely posts and articles!
  • Online Video Scripts – Entertain and educate your prospects with targeted, interesting and informative video clips – with a call to action that prompts action!
  • Squeeze pages – Convert more visitors with thoroughly researched copy that directly hits your target market’s pain points, emotions and deepest desires (without making false claims or using over-hyped copy).
  • Press Releases – Generate publicity, and inform your target audience of relevant news.  Watch your search engine rankings skyrocket with highly optimized press releases!
  • Lead magnets – Reduce your cost per lead by offering professionally written lead magnets that builds trust and authority for your business (greatly increasing the chance of a future sale).
  • Email Campaigns – Create good engagement, build a relationship and move new leads towards “first value” quickly without getting your audience to feel spammed.
  • Copy Critiques – Increase your online or offline copy conversions via objective copy review that will pinpoint weaknesses, boost strengths and identify actionable points for improvements.

Convert more visitors into trial users and subscribers and even lower your customer acquisition costs.