How I Write Copy that Generates Revenue and Leads...

I start with getting to know you better. I work with my clients to identify their goals and objectives and develop the strategy to achieve them before crafting the message. This results in my clients achieving ROI a lot faster.

My strongest desire is to see clients succeed. It is my intention for clients to capitalize on their vision, and as a partner in their success, I turn my strategy and copywriting efforts into sustainable online visibility and business growth.

Need More Details? Here’s the deal…

My 7-step no kidding approach to result-oriented SaaS copy

1. Initial Consultation

You discovered my website in the search engine (yes, I can rank websites too), or got sent here by a friend. Hopefully, you are sold by what you read. You reach out to me, specifying your copy needs.

I respond within the next 24 hours, asking a few preliminary questions to get a handle on your copy needs.

If needed, I may conduct a short interview (at your convenience, of course) so that I may better understand your goals, budget and timelines. This call will also give me an opportunity to get a feel of your brand and specific brand voice.

2. Scope Definition and Proposal

After our consultation, I should have gained a fairly good idea about what needs to be done to get your content woes over with.

This is when you get a quote from me.

You would be required to pay at least 50% of the quote upfront before I write a single line of copy. Trust me, this is necessary to get my creative juices flowing, and give me the confidence to block off days in my calendar and reject or postpone conflicting projects. I accept credit card payments through 2CheckOut and Stripe.

3. Discovery…

Depending on the scope of the project, we may require you to complete a questionnaire, and provide me access to any other written material that will increase my understanding of the value your product brings to the mix.

I may also be curious to hear your thoughts on who your largest competitors are and how they pitch themselves.

…and comprehensive research

After I have mined you of all the juice I can get from you, I will dig deeper and carry out a deep information excavation online. This will involve investigating your competitors (including the ones I may discover on my own), to achieve a better understanding of what you’re are up against.

I’ll also search for news coverage, consumer insights and reviews that will help reveal the pain-points that drive the buying decisions of your prospects. Lastly, I’ll perform advanced keyword searches to define what buzzwords fit your product best- so that we may better bring customers to your doorstep.

4. Draft Copy

Based on all the findings made, I will begin to frame key messages in your company’s tone and deliver them to you in draft form. Please note, it is critical that we get feedback from you at this point about what you think and feel about the copy, which will be looped making the copy much more stellar.

5. Final Edits and Revisions

At this point, I’ve received your feedback from the drafts, and will proceed to complete any suggestions or edits desired. This step may have a few ‘back-and-forths’ until I have it perfect. My priority is to get it right- so meeting your unique needs and paying attention to detail is critical.

6. Copy Delivery and Signoff

With all final revisions out of the way, my copywriting task has finally come to an end. Friendly tip: It’s time to pay off the remaining 50% of your invoice. 😉

Go Live

The copy goes LIVE and your site is hopefully flooded with hyper-targeted leads, while we get the gift of data against which to test the performance of the copy.

7. Rinse and Repeat

Analyzing these data sets will uncover a treasure trove of opportunities for collaborations on more projects.

If that is the case, just mention it and I would be happy to consider other avenues of growth that are presented by my work, which may include conversion optimization tests and tweaks that can skyrocket growth phenomenally.

Proven workflow that predicts conversion