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Hi there, I’m Yeremi, a freelance writer and Hubspot-certified content marketer working exclusively with B2B SaaS and software companies.

I help SaaS founders, CEOs, and marketers grow their audience and generate leads with targeted, high-quality content.

I can provide you with compelling, conversion-focused copy for your website pages, blog posts, landing pages, ebooks, white papers, email drip campaigns and product documentation that will increase your visibility online, attract engaged audience and convince new users to try out your product.

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Why should you work with me?

  • Because I will do the research it takes to understand your market and identify pain-points and buzzwords that will trigger a buying decision.
  • I understand the importance of tone, personality, and attitude and will give your content a voice that resonates with your audience.
  • I guarantee that your readers will not doze off mid-sentence while reading content on your website, blog and other marketing materials.
  • You will never get content from me that is re-hashed or re-purposed from a competitor’s website.
  • I will consistently deliver the highest quality work that will help you connect with your desired audience.

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